Driving to Malaysia

Three Quarter Tank Rule

Singapore registered cars must have at least ¾ tank of petrol when departing Singapore. This rule is applicable also on hybrid, compressed natural gas (CNG) and petrol CNG vehicles.

Those who failed to act upon the requirement may prosecuted in court and fined up to $500. You will be requested to make a turn back to Singapore for a refuel to meet the ¾ tank rule before departing Singapore.

Singapore-registered motor vehicle leaving Singapore with

less than three-quarter tank full of petrol

         1st  Offence :  S$100

         2nd Offence :  S$200

         3rd  Offence :  S$500

Entry / Exit Requirement

Visitors are required to go through immigration clearance before visiting or leaving Singapore. Visitors are required to present valid travel documents and their disembarkation/ embarkation card to the Immigration Officer. Do ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months and check your travel documents for exit endorsements before leaving the checkpoint.

Item to keep in your car while driving to Malaysia

  • A valid copy of your vehicle’s certificate of insurance

  • A digital copy or printout of your vehicle road tax validity




Toll & Road Charges For Local and Foreign Registered Vehicles

Singapore registered vehicles entering Malaysia will be required to pay a toll and road charge fee.

Toll charges are subjected to regular  reviews hence please check the official Land, Transport, Authority Singapore site for the latest toll charges.

For Malaysia latest road charges, please check the official Road Transport Department of Malaysia site.

Payment has to be done using a Touch N Go card. These cards can be purchased at Malaysia customs.