Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is simply an electronic system of road pricing. It is designed to automate our current road pricing system - no more paper coupons or enforcement officers at the gantries. The main difference is the pay-when-you-use principle. This is a fair system as the motorist is charged only if he passes the ERP gantry.

What are the ERP operating hours and costs?

Due to the constant change of ERP operating hours, locations and costs, please visit this website for updated information:


Old IU (In vehicle unit for Cash Card

- Insert Card card into the unit

New IU (In vehicle unit for Cash Card & EZ link Card)

- Slide Cash card or EZ link card under the unit

Where can I get a CashCard?

  • At an branch of the local banks: DBS, POSB, OCBC, and UOB
  • Selected petrol stations
  • 7-Eleven convenience store outlets

Where do I top-up the CashCard?

  • At any ATM displaying the CashCard logo
  • Selected petrol stations
  • AXS Stations (service fee apply per top up)
  • 7-Eleven convenience store outlets (service fee apply per top-up)

Where can I get a EZlink Card?

  • At any MRT stations 

Where do I top-up the EZlink Card?

  • At any MRT stations 

For more information on ERP, please follow this link: