Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Electronic Road Pricing System (ERP) is an electronic road pricing system that is used to manage road congestion, it is akin to an electronic toll system. ERP gantries are easily noticeable on the roads. You will be charged when you enter any of these gantries.

How does ERP charge a motorist?

There will be an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) in each car, you will have to slot in your mode of payment into the IU unit. This can be in the form of a

  • Cash card (Old & New IU)
  • EZ-Link card / NETS FlashPay Card (New IU)

Once your vehicle passes these gantries, you will be charged a fee, this fee will be deducted from the card that you have slotted into your IU unit. Failure to pay the toll fee will result in a fine.  

In order to save on toll cost, we advise motorists to find alternative routes of road travel.

You can find out more about Singapore’s ERP System at the official Land, Transport Authority (LTA)Singapore website.

ERP rates are reviewed every quarterly by LTA Singapore, hence please visit MyTransport Singapore for the latest rates and new gantries.

Where can I get a Cash Card or an EZ Link Card?

You can get a Cash Card at any of these channels:

  • At any local bank branches: DBS, POSB, OCBC, and UOB

  • Nets Sales & Customer Service Centre

  • Fair Price Xpress & Cheers

  • Selected petrol stations

  • 7-Eleven convenience store outlets (Service fee applies for per top-up)

You can get an EZ-Link card from:

  • TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT stations and bus interchanges

  • Passenger Service Centers at MRT stations

  • 7-Eleven stores

You can top up your Cash Card at any of these places:

  • At any ATM displaying the Cash Card logo

  • Selected petrol stations

  • AXS Stations (Service fee applies for per top-up)

  • 7-Eleven convenience store outlets (Service fee applies for per top-up)

You can top-up your EZ-Link Card at:

  • General Ticketing Machines at all MRT stations

  • TransitLink Ticket Offices at MRT or Bus Interchanges

  • Passenger Service counters at MRT stations

  • 7-Eleven convenience stores

  • Singapore Post Offices

  • ATM machines - POSB, DBS,  OCBC

  • AXS machines

  • Selected car parks that accept EZ-Link payments