Parking in Singapore

Coupons Parking

Where required, parking coupons should be displayed on the dashboard. Denominations of parking coupons are SGD 0.60, 1.20, 2.40 and 5.00 (for overnight parking).

Alternatively you may download the mobile app - to go paperless. Check it out at

Generally, parking coupon rates are:

  • SGD 0.60 per ½ hr outside the Central Business District
  • SGD 1.20 per ½ hr within the Central Business District

Look for signboards which indicate parking rates and free parking times as they vary between car parks.

Parking coupons can be purchased from any of the following authorised sale outlets:

  • The URA Centre service counter
  • NTUC Fair Price Singapore Post
  • Selected petrol kiosks
  • 7-Eleven
  • HDB Car Parks Section
  • Any HDB branch office
  • Any appointed sales outlets (all approved coupon agents display a signboard at their premises)


You can read up more on about Singapore parking coupons at the official HDB website.

Paid Parking


Paid parking is practised in almost all shopping centres, buildings and some public car parks. You basically pay for the time your vehicle is parked. There are different carpark payment systems adopted island-wide, some of which would require you to have a CashCard/Autopass Card or even a CashCard/Autopass Card inserted in an In-Vehicle Unit to make payment for parking charges. Should you not be equipped with these, there are back-up systems such as cash collection available for your use. There is also a "Help" button at the car park entrance if you need any assistance. Some shopping centres offer a rebate on your parking charges.

Season Parking

Season parking is usually applicable to tenants and residents at their office and residential car parks respectively. Avoid parking in season parking lots (usually with red markings) and along roads with double yellow lines.

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Free parking in Singapore - Key in your destination and select “Car Parks”. Afterwards, click on the car park that you are interested in and check if there are free parkings available in that car park.