JetQuay Services

The JetQuay CIP Terminal is an elite Airport terminal at Singapore Changi Airport, equipped and furnished to serve up a comprehensive suite of top-notch VIP services, including dedicated airline check-in and immigration clearance, a well-appointed lounge to wine and dine, as well as a limousine service that escorts elite guests to and from their aircraft.

JetQuay Services Rates


Meet & Greet service with escort through immigration, baggage collection to arrival hall with or without electric buggy.

 (up to 3 persons on the same flight)

S$90 per person (with)

S$400 per person (without)


Meet & Greet service with tarmac transfer to CIP Terminal with dedicated immigration clearance, check-in facility, baggage handling and JetQuay lounge amenities.

(up to 2 persons on the same flight)

S$400 per person


VIP Meet & Greet service with tarmac private limousine transfer to CIP Terminal with dedicated immigration clearance, check-in facility and baggage handling service. Indulge in the JetQuay lounge amenities within the comfort of the private suite.

 (up to 2 persons on the same flight)

S$1500 per person

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With the assistance of our professional Guest Relations Officer, you will be escorted through the travel gateway quickly and comfortably.

Once you arrive after flight landing, our guest relations officer will meet you at the arrival gate, guide you through immigration, assist with baggage claim, take you to customs and to the arrivals hall. You will get the best choice of onwards transportation as well.

Once you are ready to depart from airport, you will be met at the entrance at the terminal of your departure, assisted with check in procedure, escorted through immigration clearance and to the lounge in the airport or the departure gate.

For transit passengers, you can wait at the aero-bridge when arrive. Our officer will lead you to transfer counter, lounge or to connecting flight.


Quayside CIP terminal provides advanced customer experience by offering premium facilities, exclusive check-in, immigration clearance service and electric buggy transfer.

For arrival, you will be met at the aero-bridge and escorted to CIP terminal by use of an electric buggy.

During the time of baggage retrieval, our guest relations officer will guide you through exclusive immigration and customs desk and to airline lounge to relax.

Your transportation will be arranged properly by our team as well.

For departure, our team will direct you to the lounge first when you arrive at CIP terminal. Then our officer will check in luggage and finish check-in procedures for you. For the round trip ticket, you are entitled to enjoy free parking of three days at most.

At last, you will be escorted to departure gate to prepare for boarding by our electric buggy.


Using our Jetside service, you are totally assured of privacy and efficiency by avoiding crowd and long queues in terminals or immigration clearance area. Our team guarantees the limousine transportation to and from the gate and to the CIP terminal via the tarmac. The luxury facilities at the CIP terminal are ready for you to enjoy.

For arrival, we will meet you at the aero-bridge and transfer you by limousine via tarmac. Then guide you to CIP terminal facilities and lounge. The immigration clearance, baggage retrieval and connecting transportation will be arranged by us properly.

For departure, you will be met at entrance of CIP terminal and escorted to CIP facilities and lounge. Then our staff will accompany you to baggage check-in and deliver you to the departure gate via tarmac before boarding.



Terms and conditions:

  • Rates are quoted in Singapore dollars, and on a per pax basis on the same flight.
  • Rates are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST 7%).
  • Maximum time for completion of service is 75 minutes. Additional hour is chargeable at a Full rate + GST per hour. (minimum charge is 1 hour) – applicable for Gateway service only.
  • Surcharge of S$100 (subject to taxes) applies to all Terminal 4 service per way.
  • 10% surcharge is applicable for scheduled flight arrival/departure times between 2200hrs to 0700hrs.
  • Peak season surcharges apply to eve/on Singapore public holidays.
  • No charge for children age 2 years and below. Any child above 2 years of age will be considered as 1 full passenger.
  • You must book a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your trip to receive confirmation.
  • All cancellations or no show notice must be made at least 6 hours prior to travel time or full charges apply.
  • Other terms and conditions will apply to your reservation. You will abide by the applicable terms or conditions, including payment of services when due and compliance with all rules and restrictions regarding availability of services.

Email us at [email protected] to enquire on the availability and make bookings.