8 Hours Private Tour Packages

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Known as a garden city, Singapore owns many parks and nature reserves to serve as a haven from the stressful life that we live in.  Away from the bustling crowd, travel to the off beaten tracks and listen to birds humming in tune.

First stop, we will travel to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore's oldest primary rainforest. Start your tour at the Visitor Centre where various specimens and photos of the forest are displayed. Next follow the marked trail and appreciate the native flora and fauna of the nature reserve. From breathtaking sceneries to lively wildlife, get ready to be amazed.

Take a break in the journey for lunch, advice our drivers your choice of cuisine (i.e. Local, Asian, Western etc.) and they will bring you to the best food in town. The tour will include an estimated meal time of 1 hour.

Continue on is Singapore Botanic Gardens, a true sanctuary in the city. Embrace yourself in the various botanical and horticultural displays. It is a must to visit the National Orchid Garden, one of the main attractions, which dedicated to breeding and hybrid orchids.

End the tour at Fort Canning Park,a popular place for outdoor activities from concerts such as F1 rock to casual stroll in the park. A popular sight is the Spice Garden contains more than hundreds species of spice and herbs used in medicines and cooking. Be sure to slow down your foot steps and watch out for the colorful birds. More details...

DIY Personalised Tour

Basically this is a tour designed to fit all your needs and experience Singapore in a way you prefer. You can choose the places to visits from the list or you may provide us with an itinerary of your own. In anyway, it is a tour that is all about you, you and you only.