Driver Partner FAQ

What is SixtLimo?

I want to apply as a driver-partner, what are the required documents?

How do I get started?

What would be my minimum fare for a ride?

What is the percentage that a driver-partner can earn for each order?

What are the advantages of joining SixtLimo as a driver-partner?

What is the process of every job like?

How am I going to be paid and when?

How do I update my Sixt Profile?

What is the minimum period of driving?

For customers who book multi destinations, what is the structure of the job payment?

What if the passenger cancels the confirmed jobs?

How long should a driver wait for the passenger?

How do I get the surcharge if the customer would like to enter Sentosa or travel through ERP?

What are the structures in payment like during peak hours and peak period?

Can I see my completed jobs using the app? How?

Are we allowed to pick up passengers with children?

What should I do in the event of an accident?

What should I do if a passenger(s) left items in my car?

Where is the pick up point if my job assignment is at the airport?

How about the drop off? Where should I drop them off?

Are we allowed to pick up passengers anywhere?

I am currently engaged in a different ride hailing company. Can I still join Sixt as a driver-partner?

What if I don't own a car but still want to join as a driver-partner?

Where can I get help from Sixt?

What are the incentives of being a driver-partner with Sixt?

I have a regular job, do you accept part timers as a driver-partner?

If I am renting a car with Sixt at the same time, I registered as a driver partner, can I still perform jobs on other platforms?

Does Sixt offer a loyalty bonus if I choose to do only Sixt jobs?

Is the Sixt app available on iOS phones?

What if a passenger vomits in my vehicle?

Is there a Reactivation fee?

What are the charges when the issued items are lost or damaged?