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Sixt Limousine Singapore provides customers with absolutely reliable and professional chauffeur service.

We are now launching the Sixt Limo SG Ride hailing APP!! On demand booking is now available.

Why choose Sixt?

1. Newer and spacious vehicles for you to ride in comfortably.

2. Instead of pricing surge, we offer fixed peak hour surcharge because this is fairer to our Riders.

3. We only select Driver Partners who are passionate about providing excellent service. We value and respect your privacy, all vehicles strictly have no inward-facing cameras and all our Driver Partners have signed an agreement adhering to our privacy guidelines.

4. We do not incentivise our Driver Partners based on job targets that may lead to long working hours. Instead our lower commission offers our Driver Partners work life balance and as Riders, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

5. We provide additional support to our Driver Partners and take enhanced safe measures to better protect both our Riders and Driver Partners as follows:

●  NEA-approved hand sanitisers and disinfectant spray which will be done after every ride.

●  We offer complimentary refills of sanitisers and disinfectant spray for our Driver Partners.

●  We provide complimentary interior disinfecting treatment to our Driver Partners after a certain number of rides.

●  Cashless transaction, minimise contact between Driver Partners and Riders.

●  No front-seating passenger and an Acrylic Shield Guard is installed between the front and back seat.