Sixt Leasing

Car Leasing is a tradition at Sixt. We aim at providing our customers a hassle-free private car hire experience through our professional service and high-quality vehicles. Whether you are looking for monthly car rental for a short period or long term car rental for your daily needs, we have a comprehensive fleet of economy, compact, luxury sedan and MPV to cater your requirement. With our affordable car rental prices, leasing a car is a convenient and cost-effective alternative for you.

Longer lease mean lower price, let us know your requirement to provide a budget car rental.

Leasing Questions?

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Terms & Conditions

All costs of the car are carried by Sixt. This includes the purchase of the car including all taxes, vehicle maintenance and insurance. You merely have to fuel the vehicle yourself.

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Vehicle insurance coverage
  • Road tax and radio license fees
  • Regular Maintenance and servicing
  • 24-hour breakdown service in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Replacement vehicle within Singapore
  • Singapore and Malaysia usage

Sixt Lease a Car

Leasing is a tradition at Sixt. Sixt was a pioneer in the fleet business and was already offering leasing solutions as early as the 1960's. Generally speaking, all rental over a longer period (12 months and above) are considered as leasing services by Sixt.

Customised Solutions

We offer full flexibility to our customers by allowing them to choose which service components they wish to have under their leasing agreement. By leasing at our customer's’ terms, our customers can significantly reduce the car lease cost.

Business Excellence with Service Niche

Being awarded the Business Excellence with Service niche by Enterprise Singapore is a great affirmation to our service standards. We have proper review procedures, processes and ongoing staff training to ensure we provide the best customer service journey to our customers.

Why Leasing?

Leasing is a good option for you if you facing any of these circumstances:

For personal reasons, you are not comfortable with paying a huge downpayment for a brand new vehicle

You are unable to come out with the initial down payment of a brand new vehicle

You are an expat working in Singapore and you only need a car for a few years.

Your job requires you to be on the road frequently. You only need the car for as long as you are on the job.