Lease a Hyundai Avante with Sixt

New car type Hyundai Avante in Sixt car leasing fleet!

Sixt always provides premium and high quality cars, ensuring that you will be able to continually experience satisfactory vehicle leasing from Sixt. This time we are introducing a new car type Hyundai Avante in our leasing fleet! We believe that you will be attracted by its sharp-looking and leading-edge smart technology!

Hyundai Avante (Brand New)

Monthly Car Rental / Long Term Car Leasing

From S$1,800.00 per month

2020 Straits Times Car Of The Year

Hyundai Avante is considered as one of the Straits Times Car Of The Year in 2020

Hyundai Avante, the family sedan with more dynamic look, obtained the highest points and came out at the top of Car of the Year candidates list in terms of ergonomics and value for money.

The Advantage of Hyundai Avante

1 New look

Take a look at Hyundai Avante 2021 brand new design. It symbolizes the modern and fresh design taste for the futuristic and sporty.



2 Cutting edge technology

You will find many smart technologies in the car interior, such as seamless smartphone connectivity car play, android auto, wireless smartphone charging and more.

3 Safety

There are also some safety technologies applied to prevent you from dangers. Hyundai Smartsense installed is to cover blind spots and offer assistance when it is needed. It contains sensors, cameras, alerts integrated by well-used software. Your safety will be guaranteed with the Hyundai smartsense if you choose it. 

4 Performance


Quickest acceleration- from 0-100km/h in as little as 10.4 seconds


Achieve 195km in a hour


Engine capacity is 1598cc

Intelligent engineering

3rd generation platform powered by fuel-efficient gasoline powertrain gives you ideal driving performance.

Show off your impeccable taste and love for all new Hyundai Avante. Affordable monthly car rental package for a brand new Hyundai Avante makes it easier and enjoyable while on the road for business or pleasure.



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