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* The prices were calculated on 01.06.2023 for a 4 days prepaid rental at Oslo Gardermoen Airport starting on 08.06.2023. Our prices fluctuate daily and this offer is not guaranteed.

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Gardermoen Car Rental Deals

Gardermoen Car Rental Deals

SIXT goes the extra mile to make car rental in Gardermoen a smooth and easy process. A wide range of cars is available so as to accommodate every type of car rental requirements. Naturally, this range includes economy cars, SUVs and convertibles. Some vehicles have a capacity of up to 15 people! With SIXT, it's a priority that collecting your rental car is straightforward, so you can get on your way as soon as possible. That applies whether you're in Gardermoen on holiday or on business.
Car rental in Gardermoen, Norway

Car rental in Gardermoen, Norway

Gardermoen is the name of Oslo's principal airport, which also serves as Norway's main international gateway and domestic hub. It is found around 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Oslo itself. Although the standard of public transport in Norway is very high it is also notoriously expensive, so if you rent a car you may save a lot of money, particularly if you want to travel around. If you do choose to drive around Gardermoen and the south coast you won't be disappointed: it has beaches, offshore islands, lots of potential for sailing and fishing, and plenty of choice as far as accommodation options are concerned. Car rental in Gardermoen makes it possible to do day trips to places that simply aren't served by public transportation. In many ways, it makes a lot of sense to collect your rental car as soon as you land in Gardermoen. With SIXT, you'll be on your way straight away. Gardermoen is on the motorway network so travelling to Oslo and beyond is rapid. If you're travelling to Gardermoen this year, why not book your SIXT rental car now and save money by doing so?
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Good to know when renting in Gardermoen

What's the minimum age to rent a car in Gardermoen?
To rent a car with SIXT in Gardermoen you need to be at least 19 with a valid license. Some car categories have a higher minimum rental age, and an underage driver fee may apply.
Can I modify, extend, or cancel my reservation?
At SIXT you can either pay online or when you pick up your car at Gardermoen.
Can I choose a different drop-off location in Gardermoen?
It is possible to rent a car one way between stations for pick-ups in Gardermoen. A fee may apply.
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The way to Sixt
At the Sixt branch
Vehicle return
Bruno P.
Nice vehicles and service. A bit pricy, but fair. But if you are staying in Olso, be aware that all parking is paid and it is extremely expensive.
Abbas R.
Quite satisfied with their service. Pick up and drop off was seamless. The car was up to date with full option. Ms. Aksa at their airport facility was the one to assist us. She was swift in completing pick up formalities. Additionally, she also suggested us the routes to take and avoid, as we wanted scenic views while driving. Although it took 4 days instead of 2, which they optimistically mentioned, to release the blocked amount on my card, they immediately processed the refund after a single call. Strongly recommended.
Jérôme N.
I did a reservation via CarTrawler. I needed to change the main driver. Official reservation was already ongoing and it was impossible for sixt and CarTrawler to change the main driver without me the official main driver having my physical card with me. I had to spent time on the phone with CarTrawler responsible for the main booking. And sixt gardemoen accept after e-mails was exchanged between CarTrawler and sixt gardemoen. To finally get the car and swap the main driver. The nice and very effective girl at the desk was Katja. She was charming and very helpful.
Sam J.
Excellent staff, great car, easy service, honest recommendations, no hustle See you again soon
Cuauhtemoc R.
Staff were readily available and friendly. Car was in excellent condition and available near the Sixt counter.
David L.
Best car rental company! I always try to use them.
Thomas M.
My flight was delayed and arrived after Sixt’s closing hours but someone was still at the desk and I was able to get the keys to the car very easily and quickly. Amazing overall experience!
T P.
I rented for a week in September 2022. Everything was perfect, personable and efficient. No trouble at all with unfair refueling bills, or fictitious damages pinned on me the renter, as some other reviewers had reported.
Xavier G.
Nice and easy.
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