Sixt SG Limo Ride hailing FAQ

Who is Sixt Limousine?

How can I use your services?

How is your fare calculated?

Are ERP charges/sentosa fee included in the fares?

What is the vehicle capacity and how do I select the appropriate vehicle type?

How to use promo code or electronic voucher?

How do I book a ride from the airport? Where should I wait for my driver?

How do I pay for the ride?

When do I need to pay the booking? Why do I receive the deduction notification when make a booking?

What is the cancellation policy? Do I need to pay if I cancel my ride?

How long will the driver wait for me and how much is charged for extra waiting time?

Can I travel with a child?

Can I travel with my pet?

Can I change the drop-off location during the ride?

Can I add additional stops during the ride? What is the surcharge? How do I add an additional stop during the ride?

If I alight midway, how much do I need to pay?

Can I ask the driver to take another route?

Can I change the payment method or add a promo after the ride has started?

How can I identify my ride?

What should I do if the driver didn't show up?

Why are the driver / vehicle info different with the app?

Why hasn’t my booking been accepted?

When/Where can I have the receipt?

Why is the amount paid higher than quoted?

How do I give feedback about my driver?

What should I do if I left my personal item in the car?

How can I get support from Sixt?

Can I book the driver for hourly use?

What can I do if safety is compromised?

How can I check my rides history?

I was in an accident and there are injured parties